He Made it! 

In the previous blog, 'Abs is Coming' we reported the heroic intentions of Niall O' Byrne who was planning to run 13.1 miles (a half marathon) to raise money for the work of D.S.T. Well, against all the odds, and the energy sapping climate of Sierra Leone, hemade it! He actually ran 13.1 miles and here is the photo to prove it.  


Niall is the one on the left, pointing to the banner. They were told to meet at the start point at 5.30am for a warm up and prayer. In that heat and humidity, prayer was essential! If you haven't done so already, and would like to sponser Niall, please click on here to make your donation.
I've just heard that Abs was recently in hospital with high blood pressure. Those of us that know him well will be both alarmed and not surprised, given his manic life style! However, it seems that it was all due to the wrong type of medication and all is well now - phew! As previously reported he will be arriving in the UK next Wednesday (15th June) and will be attending many meetings and other events which will be comminicated on this blog when finalised.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Rob Lea, 07/06/2016