Life Groups

Jesus demonstrated a really good example of using a vibrant small group to effectively support and develop his followers. Life groups are an integral part of the strategy for our church. They are a key way that we live out our values that come out of the picture of the first church found in Acts Chapter 2.


The primary role of life groups is to build community. They are a safe place where we can be real, discover God's will for our lives, support each other and develop friendships.



The secondary role of the life group is to deliver effective biblical teaching where we can dialogue, question and debate and help one another to apply the bible to our own lives.


Effective teaching is not about intellectual understanding. It is about doing and being what we learn. In our groups we can encourage growth and development by providing opportunities to put into practice what we are discovering.



As a church we have agreed that the first line of pastoral support is to come from life groups. Each one of us needs to play our own part, looking out for the welfare of others.



Life groups gives us the opportunity to celebrate together God's goodness.

If you are part of our church and are seeking to get to know God and other people better, then you need to be part of a life group. There are lots to choose from.  For further information please contact Philippa Marsh at 01344 487744.