Abs is coming! 

The exciting news is that arrangements have now been completed for Abs to visit us in June. He will arrive in the UK on Wednesday 15th June and will be here until he leaves on Tuesday 28th June. As always, he will have a full programme when he's here! However, he will definitely be at the church service on Sunday, 26th June, and he is looking forward to meeting with us on that special occasion. (It will be Chris, Ruth, Emily and Jessica's last service before leaving for Andover in case you have forgotten) 

When a group of us were in Sierra Leone last November, we met a young Irishman called Niall O' Byrne who was working with Abs in the Dorothy Springer Trust Office in Freetown. Niall is working there as a volunteer before he returns to Dublin this summer to continue his education. We have just learned that in 10 days time he will be running 13.1 miles (a half marathon) to raise money for the work of D.S.T. If you haven't visited Sierra Leone, you may not realise that just walking is often a challenge, and can produce much sweating! So, for Niall to run 13.1 miles is nothing short of amazing. He is surely a modern day hero and should be applauded and encouraged. If you agree, and would like to support his run, then you can go to the Dorothy Springer Trust website at www.dorothy-springer-trust.org.uk and make a donation. 

Rob Lea, 19/05/2016