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It’s hard to believe that three weeks ago today (8th September) we were on our way home from the most amazing week at Soul Survivor. Across the five summer camps which Soul Survivor ran over 1500 young people gave their lives to Jesus! We laughed a lot, we cried a fair chunk, we ate far too much food, and we sang, worshipped and prayed our hearts out. We had such an amazing time and want to thank everyone who made it possible, the team we took were incredible and the young people were amazing! Thanks to all of you too who were baking for us, praying for us and sending us your well wishes!
Why not click here /Articles/459821/Easthampstead_Baptist_Church/What_we_do/Children_and_Youth/Youth/Soul_Survivor_2016/Soul_Survivor_2016.aspx to watch the video of just a few of our highlights.


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