Sunday at Remix

What happens on a Sunday?

Our main focus is to introduce children to who God is and how He can be an active part of their lives. We help them to practise this and experience having God as their friend. 

During our time together the children have fun and make new friends whilst having opportunities to play, take part in lively games and quizzes and produce exciting art and craft activities.

We often use puppets and drama to tell stories. We also use multimedia presentations that help the children to understand the key topic that we are focusing on. These could include video clips, music and pictures.

We have a discussion time, during which we encourage the children to be open and honest with us. We hope to help the children to grow and develop. We also discuss issues that they might face in the world around them and look at how they might deal with them.

Occasionally, we take part in activities which support other members of the church or the local community.

We always ensure that each child has something to take home to remind them of the session focus for that day. 

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