On Sunday 10th November, we observed Remembrance Sunday and reflected on the ongoing spiritual battle that each of us must respond to.. You can listen to the talk by clicking here.

Once you have listened, here are some questions to consider:
1. What spiritual battles are you currently fighting?

2. Who are some of the people you know who reject Jesus?

3. Is there a particular set of people (at home or school, or work perhaps) that you could try and bring a step closer to Jesus?

4. As an Ambassador for the Kingdom of heaven, are there any areas you need to address in your thoughts, words and actions so that you better represent God on your own frontline?

5. When you think about the upcoming election, who are some of the people in the realm of political leadership that you could pray for?


Additional resources:

Take a look at this 5 minute video from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) for a great insight into these questions. You may want to reflect on this video in your life group.

Simon Lace, 13/11/2019