Let's See Action! 

One of the things I love about EBC is that we get stuck in and do practical things to help people. Regular things like Storehouse and our part in the Bracknell Night Shelter for sure, but also ad hoc help given to people who might need a foodbox, a pair of hands or just a listening ear.

This Sunday we are holding one of our Action Sundays, where we go out into the local community to help schools, community centres and other organisations with practical, hands on jobs, as well as teams being at our church building making up book bags for school children out in Sierra Leone, write cards of encouragement to persecuted Christians around the world and of course praying for people.

If you are part of our EBC family, please come along at 9.15 (yes, 9.15!) this Sunday and join in. We will start with some songs of worship and explanation of the various tasks at hand, before we all get stuck in!
Around midday it’s time to gather back at the church building where we will be sharing a simple lunch together at 12.30.

If asked, I guess we’d all say that we care about our local community and about the causes we are involved with overseas, but you know what? Actions speak louder than words.

See you on Sunday.

Simon Lace, 24/04/2019