Marching in the Light of God 


In recent weeks I’ve been on my hobby horse and extolling the virtues of physical – and spiritual – exercise. I want to challenge you, dear reader, to get out and take some short (10 minute) walks three times a day – ideally after meals. And while you walk… talk to God! Present him with thanks and praise for the wonders of creation, for all the many gifts and abilities he has given you, and tell him of your hopes, dreams and your requests on behalf of others too.
It’s life changing stuff, folks………..

A like-minded friend has just sent me the following illustration which shows some of the benefits of walking –

That’s pretty impressive but when you add in prayer, you can add a whole lot more to that list! Give it a try – after all, what have you got to lose? Not much, apart from weight, stress, worry, negative thoughts, likelihood of disease, separation from God…………………