Responsible Driving Part 2: Positive Driving  

On Sunday 10th  February we continued our series 'Responsible Driving'.

n this blog you will find a summary of the talk.

To listen to the talk, please click here.

That great philosopher John Wayne once said that  “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”) Have you ever had a time when you your courage was failing you? Maybe didn’t feel up to doing the right thing even though you knew it was up to you (your responsibility). How did that play out? 

Sometimes we know it’s up to us, we know the direction to go in (physically, relationally, in our words and actions, in our spiritual life) but we just feel afraid, deflated, weary, weighed down and not good enough or well-enough equipped – and we start to give up and put the brakes on. It’s all too hard! To love, forgive, be thankful, to praise God, invite…

Maybe someone else can do it… but we can’t. If you feel that way, you’re in good company!  Moses, felt that way when God told him he was to lead Israel to the promised land. Moses kept objecting and protesting before finally doing as he was told. Still, then the nation rebelled and when Moses sent 12 men to spy out the land, 10 of them reported back that the place was full of giants and they couldn’t possibly move against them.

Because of this, the nation of Israel spent the next 40 years wandering in the desert and only when that generation – including Moses – had passed away did God lead them back to the promised land, this time under Joshua.

Joshua, along with Caleb, were the only two men still living since the days when they had come back with the other ten spies. They alone had declared that they could certainly take the promised land – but their minority report had been ignored.

Now, with Moses dead, God chose Joshua to lead the people. You can read about this by clicking here.
Notice that God has given Joshua a clear commandments about leading the people, about following Him without deviation and being strong and courageous. So the command to “be strong and courageous” is not given in isolation but in connection with following God’s specific instruction. When we do what God tells us to do, then we can do so with utmost confidence (with strength and courage) because we can be assured he will be with us (“Have I not commanded you?”)

Sometimes we might not necessarily feel like the best person for the task at hand, or the best equipped to read the bible, pray, serve others, give generously or invite others …. But God is still God! Therefore, whatever he has commanded  us to do, we should do with confidence, boldly and courageously!

Where do you need to be strong and courageous? In what aspect of your life – and especially in your journey with Jesus, might you need to lean into His promises of being there for you and not forsaking you? Don’t give up on yourself! And don’t give up on God - He won’t give up on you. He has the power to change you even if you don’t!

What’s about to happen in your relationship with God? What is it that He is calling you to do? Does what you think you’re going to do line up with the will of God? If it does, then you’ve every reason to be positive – to drive ahead positively!

Physically – do you think taking care of your body lines up with the will of God? The temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. Chapter 6 verses, 19 - 20)  should be well maintained… do you think God would be with you on that and help you if you ask? I do. In fact, I’m positive!
Relationally – do you think it lines up with the will of God to have relationships marked by love, kindness, generosity and forgiveness? Think maybe He’ll be with you on that? I’m positive!

Spiritually – if you seek to spend time with God… asking Him questions, thanking Him, praising Him, praying for His help… Do you think that would be pleasing to God? I’m positive!

We are responsible for “driving” our lives – and accountable to God for how we do it. But when the road ahead seems treacherous, take heart! 
When God tells us to do something, when we align with His Sovereign will, then we have armies of angels on our side! His advice – no, His command – is for us to be strong and courageous in the certain trust that He is always with us, come what may.

Be strong and courageous in your prayer life. Be strong and courageous in talking to people about Jesus. Be strong and courageous in inviting people!
Whatever God is telling you to do, do it. Do it when you think you can’t. Do it when you think you’re weak. Do it when you’re scared or feel that you’re falling short somehow. When you feel that way but God has put something on your heart, remember He has commanded you -
 “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


1. What are the key things that you know you need to address with God? Are you asking him for help with these things?
2. Is there fear of something that is holding you back? What is it and how might you address this in faith?
3. Read Deuteronomy chapter 1 and Joshua chapter 1. Compare and contrast the reaction of the people involved.
4. Is there some area of your life at work, at home, or your life at EBC, in which God is asking you to be strong and courageous in stepping out with him?
5. Is there any area in which you are being disobedient?
Simon Lace, 12/02/2019