Thank You God!

I was thinking this week about a talk given by the well-known American preacher R.T. Kendall. In this particular talk, which we screened last year at EBC one Sunday morning, R.T. was speaking on the subject of tithing.

He said something so striking that I quickly wrote it on a whiteboard in the church office so that I would have it there as daily reminder. It has proved to be of enormous value to me – I would go so far as to say it has changed my life for the better. Thank you, R.T.!
So you may be wondering what he said….

Simply, that we should nurture in ourselves the habit of thanking God – and we should teach others to do the same. As R.T. put it (and I subsequently wrote on the white board) –

“God LOVES gratitude. God HATES ingratitude. Gratitude must be taught.”

Since that day, I have tried (and mostly succeeded) in thanking God for something every day. In doing so, not only do I remind myself just how very blessed I am, but I am filled with a feeling of love and gratitude towards God. This practise has very definitely deepened and enriched my relationship with God – and I love it! However, I need to do better at teaching it!

Thank you God for R.T. Kendall. Thank you God for other men of God who help me to know you and your great love for humanity better. Thank you for Bishop T.D. Jakes, thank you for my friend Ben Davies and while I’m at it, thank you for all my friends and family – within EBC and beyond. Thank you for fingers and hands and eyes and brain that enable me to type this! Thank you for a full stomach and a warm office with lovely people to work with! Thank you for Abs Dumbuya for his incredible inspiration. Thank you God!

“God LOVES gratitude. God HATES ingratitude. Gratitude must be taught.”

Such a blessing. Try it and see!

See you in church!


Simon Lace, 04/10/2018