Never a Dull Moment

 Over the last few weeks, there has been lots going on at EBC and as I write I find myself tired but content as I look forward to a couple of weeks off on holiday!

This summer we seem to have had lots of people here for our Sunday morning series “Are You Sitting Comfortably?”, we have had an extended visit from our great friend Abs Dumbuya and our 9th annual Holiday at Home for Seniors went really well (our theme this year was “The Orient Express” but happily there was only the one murder – and that turned out to be pretend!).

In the midst of all this we have had the Storehouse van zipping in and out, Refresh café doing business as usual at Crown Wood, and various meetings have taken place with building contractors and other church leaders as well as some other conversations around our proposed Ministry Director role (watch this space…). Meanwhile we have provided, in Karen Bugg, a new Student Minister for Wokingham Baptist Church (please come and bid a fond farewell to Karen, Matt. Emily & Alice at this Sunday morning’s service).

Busy as it has all been, I have a really good feeling that things seem to be playing out suspiciously smoothly… which makes me think that all the prayers, thinking and hard work we have all been doing over recent times has indeed been lining up with God’s will for EBC. Praise God – and long may it continue! Thank you Father!

Although I am very much looking forward to a couple of weeks off, I must admit to a sense of excitement as I look ahead to September and the season ahead. I love the feeling of a “new term” that comes with September (though I hope the good weather lasts!). I think there are exciting times ahead for EBC and that while a church in which there is “never a dull moment” might sometimes make us long for a few quiet days, we should be thankful that we all get to be a part of it!

It’s been said that nobody has less of God in their lives than they want. In a similar way, I believe that EBC has been, is and will be the sort of church it deserves to be.

How much of God do we want? What kind of church do we want to be? What kind of church do we deserve to be?

Let’s keep thanking God, praising him and asking him for his wisdom and his Spirit as we continue our journey together as a church family, in step with him. Amen!

See you on Sunday!


Simon Lace, 16/08/2018