Funday Sunday

This Sunday we continue our series “Acts of Random Kindness” by doing an act of kindness for our community. Our Fun Day is a great opportunity for us to invite people to EBC and have a great time of fun, food and conversations.

If you are part of our church family at EBC, please come along and be representatives and Ambassadors for Jesus and our little local branch of his holy and mighty church.

No doubt, we’ll be busy and no doubt we’ll quite enjoy getting back to “services as usual” the following Sunday – but let’s not miss the chance to do a kindness together for our community. Let’s not forget to chat to people and make them feel really welcome. Let’s not forget to give them any help or information they might need and to invite them to come every Sunday.

And let’s not forget to enjoy it ourselves! See you on Sunday – have fun!

Simon Lace, 06/07/2018