Happy Days

Last weekend was a weekend of celebration in our church family at EBC. On Saturday, large numbers of us celebrated with two (very) long standing members of our church family, as Jean and Frank Roe celebrated an incredible 70 years of marriage! On Sunday, we gave a warm welcome to four new members of EBC as we celebrated communion together and prayed over Anna & Edwin, Nigel and Val as they took this next step of commitment to our church family. What a wonderful weekend it was!

This Sunday there’s more to look forward to as we celebrate three baptisms at EBC. Baptism is a wonderful public declaration and demonstration of faith in Jesus and for those being baptised it’s a very special day indeed!

Please come and join us at 10.15am and 4.00pm for our morning and afternoon services and witness these profound moments in the lives of three members of our church family – Ade, Kim and John.

It may be that you have never witnessed a “believer’s baptism” (as we call it), or perhaps you have wondered what makes a Baptist church a Baptist church. Or just maybe you’ve been wondering about making this next step yourself in your walk with God – thinking about “taking the plunge” so to speak! If that’s so, this is a great opportunity not only to find out more but actually to experience being an eyewitness to these very moving and significant events, which are in a way akin to a wedding – the love is already there, now for the vows of fidelity, the prayers and blessings - and the joyful celebration! 

We will also be continuing our series of teaching on the theme “Who Cares?” In the morning, we are looking at issues and attitudes around poverty, while in the afternoon we consider disability. 

I hope you will come and join us on Sunday for what promises to be a busy, exciting and challenging day. It’s sure to be a happy one too!

See you at church!


Simon Lace, 15/06/2018