Highly Tuned

A friend of mine kindly bought me a couple of birthday presents recently – a good-sized mug (I do like a cuppa) and a tee shirt, both from the Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership in Reading. As the tee shirt was a little too big I popped in last weekend to exchange it for another and of course while I was there, I couldn’t resist sitting on a couple of the beautiful bikes and chatting to the very friendly sales guys.

I confess, I came away having added two more things to my wish list, i.e. motorcycle lessons (I’ve never ridden one, although our caretaker Kevin recently turned my knuckles white and some more of my hair grey by taking me out on his!) and a Harley (Iron 883 or ‘48 models, please). These go alongside a particular old sportscar and a guitar I have long since had my eye on.

Chatting with Steph and Kat (both of whom have visited poverty-stricken Sierra Leone) in the church kitchen yesterday, I mentioned this and was gently reminded about contentment and being thankful for the many blessings we have in this country. This morning my daily devotional reading was about, guess what? Contentment! Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Truth is, I do know the value of contentment and I do count my blessings and thank God for them as I remember them each day. Would I still like the aforementioned items? Honestly, yes – but I’m grateful for the timely reminder to keep my priorities straight. 

Here’s the real message gang. God speaks to us in a number of different ways. Talking openly and honestly with trusted Christian friends, and spending regular time reading the bible and a devotional whilst thinking and praying are just two. But they are two that I benefit from enormously. God speaks to us all the time and in a myriad different ways. His Holy Spirit stirs us and moves us and shapes our thinking – if only we invite him and allow ourselves to be open and responsive.

Are you being intentional about this, or missing out? I strongly, strongly recommend (OK – I’m telling you!) you  make the effort and take the time, for your own sake!

This Sunday we continue our series on “Spirit Power” – which is a whole lot more earth-shaking than the biggest and loudest motorbike or sportscar engine! Please come along and find out what God has to say to you. 

See you on Sunday!
Simon Lace, 18/05/2018