Taking The Plunge

In our current series, called “Family Matters”, we’re working through what our church family at EBC is all about and over the five week series we build up towards the idea of Church Membership.

You can read much more about this in our “Discovering Membership” booklet or you can just scroll down this page and look up the five parts of the course which all appeared in this blog last year! (They are helpfully named, so you should be able to identify them easily!)

Our Elders and Leaders have been really delighted to see so many new faces appearing at EBC in recent months and it got us to wondering if some of our new friends (and perhaps some established ones) might want to know about what membership is and how it works.

You can start by reading the course or just come along on Sunday mornings these next few weeks, or have a chat with me or one of the Elders or Leaders. There is an important distinction between being a regular attender at EBC and actually being brought into membership (usually by baptism) which is essential to safeguard the spiritual direction of EBC as a church. Baptism is a hugely significant and joyful step in our journey of faith and one which we feel is entirely appropriate for those considering church membership. 

It may be that you’re not sure if you are a member or not – so we’ve decided to put up a list of current members in the lobby so you can check! If you’re not already a member (or even if you want to refresh your memory) please check the noticeboard and come for a chat!

At the end of this series, on Sunday 25th February, we are having a special Communion service and following this with a celebration of our church family (and being EBC this does of course involve plenty of food!). At the service, we will be asking existing members to re-commit themselves to membership and marking this during Communion.

We would love to see some new friends decide to take a next step of commitment at this service.

Whilst actually becoming a member involves a little time and formality (which may make it impossible to do by February 25th) we would still love to see some people express the desire to explore membership so that we can put those steps into motion on the day.

So – have you been coming to EBC a while? Would you like to find out more? If so, please please come and chat with me, Steph or any of the other Elders or Leaders. We’d love to talk with you!

See you on Sunday!
Simon Lace, 01/02/2018