Hot In Pusuit

I was reminded today of a story about a guy who was pursuing a mission for God and in the process made – and lost – a fortune. Reflecting on his experience, he arrived at the conclusion that he had been so intent on pursuing his mission that it had overtaken his pursuit of God.

Over the last year or so, I’ve become increasingly convinced that as a church we at EBC must keep the pursuit of God and our worship of Him at the centre of our focus. It’s wonderful that we have such a welcoming, family atmosphere at EBC and that we seek to help people in need both locally and overseas – I absolutely love that and I long to see more of it!

But let’s never lose sight of the fact that “works” should (and will) flow out from hearts of worship. We shouldn’t worry that the good works we do will dry up or that people will stop coming here if we focus ourselves on God. I believe that exactly the opposite is true – that the more we pursue God in our private and collective lives, the more God will see fit to use us - individually and as gathered church - to do his good work, to be about his family business.

May I encourage you to come along this Sunday and join in as we explore the question “How to get what you really want”? It’s a really thought-provoking and potentially life-changing series and moreover there will be the chance to talk together, pray together and, what is more, worship God together. God is on the move with us, he’s speaking to us – let’s lean into him!

See you on Sunday!
Simon Lace, 05/01/2018