Making a Difference

Over the last few weeks we have been looking together at how we can make a difference as a church. That is, making a difference inside ourselves, making a difference in our local area and making a difference internationally.

Last Sunday we held a service of Remembrance and I challenged those present to take home a candle and place it somewhere they would see it every day, so that they would be reminded to pray and to read a passage from the bible. This is intended to be a six week “basic training” course between now and Christmas, to make us better prepared as we face the forces of evil in the word – be they at work in ourselves, our locality or around the world. Please take up that challenge – pray some simple prayers every day about all kinds of things, and read a passage from the bible. This basic training will make a difference in our battle for good against evil - and much the more so if we do it as a church!

This coming Sunday is the last part in our “Make a Difference” series – and this time the emphasis will be on making a difference globally. We will be reporting back on just some of the work we contribute to around the world – in partnership with other Christian churches and organisations - but also we will be taking action on the day itself!

This is our “Shoebox Sunday” – a wonderful event organised by the charity Samaritan’s Purse in which we will be bringing items with which to fill shoeboxes – that is, present-filled Christmas shoeboxes which are then shipped around the world to go to children who would otherwise receive little or nothing in the way of gifts.

Please be generous and come prepared with arms full of gifts and hearts full of love. Please come and see how YOU can make a difference and how together we – the EBC family – make a big difference together around the world. You may be surprised!
See you on Sunday!
Simon Lace, Team Leader, 17/11/2017