Projects in Sierra Leone

Kat and Mai Morling will be staying in Freetown for their first week, doing some building work on a new Pharmacy at SDA Hospital in Waterloo.

Waterloo 2  Waterloo Pharmacy

The SDA Hospital in Waterloo also runs satellite clinics in other areas. For the second week they will be based at Bureh Beach, helping to complete the clinic there. The clinic is already up and running (it runs seasonally with doctors from Italy) but the building needs completing. By the time that they get there, the builders should have built the roof – which will enable them to start rendering the walls and perhaps do some painting. 

Bureh Beach 2 Bureh Beach Clinic

To complete this work the team need about £3,000.  Any funds raised at Kat & Mai's concert and any other donations will go towards this - and to buying clothes and supplies for the people that they visit at a range of centres. See a separate blog for details of the concert.

They will visit the Leonard Cheshire Home where Mission Direct had previously built a dormitory - and where Kat & Mai will be pleased to catch up with the staff and children who they have met previously. They will also be meeting up with the residents, singing and playing some football.

Each time that they visit a children's home or other centre, they will take a bit of Christmas with them in the form of food e.g. a Christmas cake that they can decorate with candles, tinsel, and other decorations. People in Sierra Leone will never have seen a Christmas cake before!!!

There is a list of things that they have been asked to collect to take with them - which is in a separate blog.

Watch this space for more information before they go and while they are away.