We Will Remember

This Sunday at EBC we are holding a special service of Remembrance at 10.15am here at our church building on South Hill Road. Please come along and join in as we remember and honour those who have served in defence of our country and our freedom.

My friend Rob Lea and I have been planning this service with the team for some time now and in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion we are choosing a somewhat more formal approach – and more formal dress – for the morning. Please feel free to come as you see fit – but please come.

As well as an act of remembrance, we will be exploring how important God’s church is in the ongoing struggle of good versus evil, and encouraging some basic training to equip us for the battle.

Later in the week – Thursday evening at 7.45pm – we have our Church Meeting, and again I want to encourage all members and regular attenders to come along. It will be a particularly important meeting, as we are going to be agreeing our budget for 2018, as well as discussing our recent Gift Day and plans for some exciting developments to our building and the Freetown Cheshire Home in Sierra Leone.

These are really exciting times for us as things seem to be coming together in our thoughts for the next few years. That said, there are still many challenges and we need time to discuss things, pray together, and seek God’s will and direction for our little branch of His mighty church!

See you on Sunday – and Thursday!

Every blessing,

Simon Lace, Team Leader, 10/11/2017