Last Day on Site 

From the team facebook page : 

"An emotional last morning on site for team 1, but we each took the opportunity to write down a special bible verse and to place them within the brick walls around the house to bless the families which will live there. The first picture shows us making the Open Hands logo with OUR hands. The next couple of pictures show how much the local builders managed to add to house 2 in just half a day.(only because we had moved all the bricks for them!)

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After a couple of farewell pictures - and yes we did move this huge pile of bricks we are sitting on too - we visited two friends of Mission Direct who live in one of the favelas on the edge of Campo Largo. We were able to bless both of them with some aid.

There was very heavy rain and a thunderstorm here last night and both friends we visited had seen rain water running across the floors of their homes during the storm. Twelve hours later, even with the temperature well above 30C, the water stain on one wooden floor and a pool of water on the other floor were still clearly visible.

We carried out some repairs to Malvena's front gate of her wooden property which she has called home for 19 years.

Marcia is expecting a baby in around 4 months, and although her home is brick built, its corrugated asbestos roof will make it unbearably hot in the rapidly approaching summer, when the outside temperature can be considerably higher than it was this afternoon. She was being visited today by her sister who has recently had a baby."