Tuesday 18th October 

From the team facebook page : 

"Tuesday saw us making two visits in Curitiba: in the morning we went to Acridas a children's home which works in partnership with the local authority but raises just over 50% of its funding itself. It also has a very well organised charity shop which provides 20% of this income.

The children have been taken from their parents because of their parents' drug or alcohol problems, domestic violence or worse. They now live in houses of up to 10 children with two "house parents". We also visited the baby unit, where some were just two weeks old. This was the most popular part of the visit for some of our team, but so sad to think that these young babies will not know the regular love and attention of their natural mothers.

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146912473519890618131335017837 "You can only teach a child to love by loving them"

After lunch in a local restaurant we took a short stroll in the park in downtown Curitiba to the Abba project which holds a regular service followed by a meal and bible study for the homeless and street workers of the city. (There are other outreach activities held here every week). The lunchtime service is always a very lively one, and Amy from our team gave her moving testimony, and Stewart shared some thoughts on Psalm 23. We also prayed for several of the congregation who came to the front during the service.



Afterwards the team helped serve food and drinks to the congregation and clear up."