Saturday 15th October 

From the team's facebook page : 

"The team had a great day off from building work on Saturday and spent the day with the wonderful youngsters of Lar Feliz. After Pastor Emerson told the story of this children's home we heard some moving and emotional testimonies from a couple of the girls. We then shared the huge amounts of aid the volunteers had brought them from the UK which was great fun, which was followed by a delicious BBQ provided by Samuel and Cida.

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The infamous parachute came out for a few games before heading off to the ice cream shop and then to Pastor Emerson's church which is now based in a former run-down indoor sports facility and includes office space and meeting rooms, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a five a side pitch with artificial turf and a charity shop all of which are used by the local community. He showed us around these fantastic facilities and told us more about this brilliant community vision and outreach.

We then rounded off our fun packed day with a few games of bowling in the sports centre. A special time spent with our truly special Brazilian family."