Florence/Natalia and Abdulai 

Following a visit to Sierra Leone by a group from Easthampstead Baptist Church last November, Chris Porter posted a blog describing the plight of two young orphans that they met in the Freetown Cheshire Home. The response to the appeal made in the blog was fantastic and much has been done already for Florence (now called Natalia) and Abdulai, though there is still much to do.
Heather Baker is a British Expat working at the FCH, and she recently sent this very encouraging update:

Abdulai and Natalia are both attending school at the Freetown Cheshire Home Primary School, they may not pick up much of what is being taught but it's a great opportunity for them to mix with other children. The decision for them to attend school was based on the needs assessment made for them and the funds sent by EBC has been utilised for their uniform, shoes, etc. 

image2Abdulai has regular physiotherapy from a physiotherapist who attends the home once a month and always loves the chance to practice his walking. His balance is not good at all and frequently falls over when sitting down, causing damage to his head. We have tried a helmet but because of the heat and the irritation it causes to his scars he pulls it off as soon as he can.

We are trying to source funding to build him and Natalia a safe place to play with a sponge floor and sensory walls as well as toys which are hard wearing for them both. 


Natalia has been attending the epilepsy clinic at Connaught Hospital and is now taking medication for this. It has really improved her quality of life as she now sleeps through the night which didn't happen at all before. Her appetite has improved and they are both being much better cared for by our new home mothers.

Thank you so much for the support given to them it makes such a big difference to their lives - as you can see!

Rob Lea, 11/07/2016