We were inspired; what's next? 

After just two short weeks in the UK, Abs returned to Sierra Leone yesterday, and we're missing him already! He phoned from his house in Freetown last night to say that he had arrived safely, and his son Isaac could be heard in the background, loudly welcoming his dad home! The good news about his visit is that he achieved all that he planned for charity, church and personally. Some of this is recorded in previous blogs. So many were inspired by him and by hearing about all that he is doing for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone. However, now that he's returned, what are his priorities over the next 6 months?                                                                                          

The Dorothy Springer Trust is now well established and respected for the work with disabled people in Sierra Leone. However, to maintain and expand this valuable work, new resources are required. Specifically, a replacement for the ancient, and often failing generator at the Freetown office (cost £2500), renting and equiping a new office (space is available next door to the current office (right) - cost of rent plus equipment around £8,000), and recruiting a DST Operations Manager.                                                                        

The Freetown Cheshire Home opened a new Vocational Skills/Training Centre this month. This will provide disabled children with much needed skills to help them gain employment when they leave the home. Unfortunately, the government do not provide financial funding for the teachers and it is estimated that around £200 per month is required to support 6 teaching staff. The home is currently using dilapidated school furniture which needs to be replaced. (Hopefully, we will be able to meet some of this need from donations made by Bracknell Schools during the summer.)                                               
The new school in Tombo (right) has been a great  success with over 200 pupils now registered. However, it has to be established for 3 years before it gets any financial support from the government for teachers salaries.  This also applies to the new Morecombay School which EBC have also helped  to establish. Paying the 13 teachers salaries at both schools (7 teachers in Tombo; 6 teachers at Morecombay) requires £350 per month. 

There are other challenges for Abs of course, but these are the priorities. Please remember these priorities in your prayers. If you would like more information, or feel that you want to give some practical support, please speak to Rob Lea.

Abs has also asked for prayer regarding his family. Specifically, that he will manage his time and resources well to enable him to "take care" of his family. His son Isaac will be going to nursery school and his wife Mabel is training to be a nurse. In addition, he asks that we pray for wisdom and discernment regarding several job offers from the government  that he has received. In particular, how would a government job align with his passion for helping people with disabilities in Sierra Leone?  

Rob Lea, 28/06/2016