Abs on Tour Contd....... 

Abs recently put this post on his Facebook page:
"Friday, 17th, 2016 ended a fabulous week so far. I attended the briefing meeting for a Sierra Leone (SL), Easthampstead Baptist Church (EBC) visit in 2017. It was amazing to see so many people showing interest to be part of the EBC team visiting SL in 2017 - on rough count, it might have been 20 to 30 people in the meeting.

I was asked, "what do the people in SL think about these regular visits from EBC?" - Well, I hope my answers were helpful - the EBC team provide a lot of encouragement, share their skills and experiences with us, help with disability advocacy which has made a lot of difference - but they do all this in partnership, learning from us as much as they sacrifice their resources!

The presentation made by the Senior Pastor, Rev Chris Porter, about the proposed trip was very educational and provided practical steps people should take to prepare for the trip. The team will be doing a lot of things with partners in SL including with Regent Road Baptist Church (RRBC), The Dorothy Springer Trust (DST), Freetown Cheshire Home (FCH), Tombo, Morcombay, etc. Certainly, exciting times await!

This weekend has been restful. On Monday I head to the Midlands of England to see trustees, supporters, University friends, and so on......!"

Rob Lea, 20/06/2016