What's Up With That 

This last Sunday at our morning services I did our latest "What's Up With That Slot". These are slots that we do from time to time in our services that cover a theme or topic that is important in the life of the church and is something we all need to know.

This last Sunday my theme was finances and giving. We don't want to be one of those churches that is always asking for money, however from time to time we do like to talk about money because it is a reality of all of our lives and of the church too. You can listen to a recording of that slot (I spoke for around 15 minutes) by clicking here.

The bottom line is that the majority of our income at EBC comes from the giving of our regular attenders. It takes around £2,700 a week of giving to fund all the amazing work that happens at the church including stuff for children, young people, adults, older people, men, women, the stuff that we do to bless our local community like Storehouse and the work that we are involved with overseas in places like Sierra Leone and Uganda.

So far this year our average weekly giving has been around £2,450, so you can see we are quite a long way below our budget. On Sunday I challenged all of us to think about our giving - whether we might start on one of our regular giving schemes or increase our giving if we are already doing it. For all the details about how our finances work and to find the forms you will need to set up a regular gift, please click here.

Managing our money well should be a priority for all Jesus followers, and giving to the local church family of which we are a part is a command that God gives us in the Bible. If you are a regular attender at EBC, please be prayerfully considering how you might respond.

Thank you!