Local Schools 

I am writing this blog just after finishing letters to the local primary schools explaining that I will be leaving Bracknell at the end of June to take up a new role in Andover. As I wrote to them expressing my thanks for all their support and the work we have done together, it may me realise just how much these school links have grown over the years and how great the relationships are that EBC enjoys with our local schools.

We have very strong links with five local Primary Schools (Fox Hill, Birch Hill, Crown Wood, Harmanswater and The Pines). We also have good links with several others including Wooden Hill and Great Hollands. Over the years we have done school assemblies, Action Sundays, Fun Days, Community Carols, rugby and cricket coaching and lots more with these local schools. And more recently several of the schools have become involved with us in our links in Sierra Leone, donating lots of equipments, books etc. which have made a real difference to school children in that country.

We also have a great link with Easthampstead Park Community School (a secondary school in Bracknell) through our Youth Team Leader - Amy, who spends a day a week working with children at the school.

Schools are a vital part of our local community and I am delighted that we have such strong links with them and I am also delighted that it is such a two way partnership. That we are able to bless and support our schools as much as they help us.

God bless