Handing Over Update 

As many of you will know the time is drawing closer when we shall be moving to Andover where I will be taking up the role of Senior Minister at Andover Baptist Church.

The plans are coming together for Ruth and I to hand things over to others and for the events that will take place around our farewell and I thought I would take this opportunity to give you an update.

Our final Sunday at EBC will be on Sunday 26th June and we are planning a celebration service with a lunch afterwards to which you are all invited! We hope to make it a fitting celebration of the time we have had together at EBC and all that God has done over that period.

A handover plan is now in place for all of the tasks and responsibilities that I have. Various people are going to be stepping up to take on those responsibilities whilst decisions are made about who replaces me. Simon Lace and Steph Littlejohn are going to take on the responsibility of Acting Senior Ministers and over the next few weeks I will be meeting on a weekly basis with them to start handing over various things. We will also be pulling other people into those meetings as needed. I will continue to be invovled with speaking and leading at our Sunday services through until the end of June.

In terms of finding my replacement a search team has been formed consisting of our Elders, some staff members and other congregation members. A 'profile' of the church is being written along with a role description for the Senior Minister job. The plan is to have that completed and signed off by the time I leave so that applications can be invited in late summer/early autumn. That profile will be presented at our Church Meetings over the next couple of months so that everyone can see it and comment before it is signed off.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask me, Steph, Simon or any of the Elders using these contact details.

God bless