Grand Slam 

As many of you will be aware, I am a big rugby fan and I was so excited that England won the Six Nations championship and this last weekend beat France in Paris to secure a 'Grand Slam' (for those who don't like rugby a grand slam is achieved when one country wins all five of its matches in the Six Nations Championship).

Winning a Grand Slam is a rare feat...the last time England managed it was in 2003.

It was an amazing turn around for England to do so well because last autumn in the Rugby World Cup, they did really badly and were knocked out of the tournament at the first stage. It was an abject failure that my Welsh and Australian rugby loving friends still haven't let me forget! To turn that around and achieve such a great success this Spring is a great achievement that I won't let my Welsh and Australian rugby loving friends forget!

This week we have various events happening to remember the first Easter (click here for all the details). The Easter story is another great example of a wonderful turn around. On the first Good Friday everything Jesus has said and stood for seemed to have been shot down in abject failure when he was killed on a cross. And yet just three days later, what had seemed like failure was turned into extraodinary success when he rose from the dead.

I do hope that you are preparing your heart and mind this week in the build up to the Easter weekend. Let's be asking God that he would speak to us afresh and anew through the Easter season and that he would remind us that in Jesus we have a saviour who turns seeming failure into wonderful life giving and life enhancing success.

God bless