Chasing You 

A while ago I did a series of blogs on songs that I love. I haven't done one for a while, but recently I have been listening to a newish album of worship music called Tides Live from Bethel church. There is a song on it called Chasing You and here are some of the lyrics (you can listen to the song by clicking here):

I’m Chasing You, I’m so in love
Captivated, I just can’t get enough
I’ll spend my days, Running after Your heart
Your heart, Your heart, Whoa
I’m Chasing You, with all my love
Captivated, I just cant get enough
I’ll spend my days, Running after Your heart
Your heart, Your heart, Whoa

Heart, You’ve won me heart and soul
And where You lead I’ll go
I want to be where You are
From the moment I rise to the moment I sleep
My affection is for you, and even as I dream
I want to know you, I’m after Your heart

This life, this love, was always meant to be
A wild, crazy adventure discovering
The thrill, the rush, the more of You I see
The more it leaves me wanting
You’re everything

A couple of things I really like about these lyrics are firstly that commitment that if we are followers of God he should have our total commitment "heart and soul" which means we will go wherever he leads. Secondly I really like those words that says that "this life was always meant to be a wild crazy adventure..."

I am sure that this is true, that a life of following God is supposed to be about total commitment and adventure. And as we discovered in a blog I wrote a few weeks ago chasing meaning and purpose is better for us than trying to choose comfort. So if you are reading this and you are a Christian ask yourself whether you are chasing God with full commitment and seeking adventure and purpose in your life for him.

God bless