CAP Money: Kids 

If you've been around EBC for even a little while you will have heard me talk about CAP Money. CAP (Christians Against Poverty) is a great organisation that help people will all kinds of money management support and advice.

They help people who are struggling with debt and they also produce a great course called CAP Money. At EBC we have run this course a few times and have two training CAP Money instructors. CAP Money teaches an easy system of budgetting and money management. I did the course a while ago and it completely transformed how we manage our money as a family. I am a huge fan of the course and whilst we weren't struggling with debt when I did the course, we implemented the system they recommend and I reckon (at a conservative estimate) that the system is saving us over £1,000 a year. We can then use that money for all kinds of things including help others and saving for the future.

If you haven't done the CAP Money course get in touch with Kat Morling via our church office and she can tell you all about how to get on the course.

I am also really excited that this Sunday afternoon Kat and Ruth Porter (our Children's Team Leader) are going to be running the kids version of the course for our 7-11 year olds. As a parent I am deeply concerned about what our society is teaching our kids about debt and money management and I am so pleased that we are doing this course and I highly recommend you make sure your kids are there on Sunday afternoon. For more details contact Kat via or Ruth via the church office.

Don't miss this opportunity to help your children grow up with a better understanding of money and how to manage it.

God bless