Fantastic Young People 

soul survivor sunday 01  soul survivor sunday 02

We had a fantastic big story Sunday service yesterday morning.

Our young people had taken the lead in organising, planning, leading and doing the service. They had designated it 'Soul Survivor Sunday' and set out the service like a Soul Survivor meeting (Soul Survivor is a Christian festival that our young people go to each summer).

It was so great to see them involved in everything from welcoming people on the door, to leading the service and the worship music and doing the tech stuff at the back. I was so impressed, they did a great job and it was really encouraging to see them working with such confidence.

We are so blessed to have such amazing young people as a part of our church at EBC and it was lovely to see a packed main hall yesterday morning with lots of people supporting them.

Already this morning the emails are flying around the team here at EBC about how we can involve them even more in the future. My passion is that our young people are a part of all that goes on at EBC and not just on special occasions, but that they are a regular part of church life and it is definately happening!

A big well done to our youth leaders and all those who encouraged our young people in all that they were doing yesterday.

God bless