Night Shelter 

This last Wednesday evening here at EBC we hosted our first night shelter evening. Six different churches in Bracknell including ourselves are hosting different evenings in the week to provide an overnight shelter for those who are homeless. The Night Shelter is being coordinated by the Pilgrim Hearts Trust who already run daytime drop ins for those who are homeless during the week.

The idea of the Night Shelter is to provide a warm, safe and comfortable place for people who would otherwise be out on the streets sleeping rough. We are running it for the next eight weeks during the coldest time of the year as a pilot scheme to see whether it works and could be extended.

At EBC our night is Wednesdays and a great team of volunteers across three different shifts provide an evening meal, overnight support with camp beds and sleeping bags and breakfast in the morning.

The Night Shelter has also received coverage from the BBC and you can read that here.

I want to say a particular thank you to Fay Philp and Jacque Childs who are coordinating this from our end at EBC and who have done a huge amount of work to make sure we were ready to open on Wednesday. Please do contact Fay if you would like more information or to be involved.

God bless