Expect a Miracle

At our morning services yesterday,Simon Lace continued our series on the build up to Christmas. His title was "Expect a Miracle" and it was a great talk. It will be appearing on this website with a blog and recording in the next day or so, I really encourage you to listen to it.

Simon was talking about some of the miracles of Jesus and how Jesus was able to take something very small and ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. When people gave what they had, Jesus was able to turn it into something extraordinary and often miraculous. Simon was telling us about some of the miracles that God is still doing today when people give what they have.

As it happens I had just received an email from Abs in Sierra Leone with some photographs of Florence and Abdulai. For those of you who have been following my blog over the last couple of weeks you will know all about these two special children. There is a little miracle contained in these photos. Just before I left Sierra Leone on our recent trip, I emptied my wallet and gave the small sum of money in it to Abs to get some supplies for the children.

In these photos you will see the children wearing some of the clothes that the money has been used to get for them. They have also been bought nappies, food etc. And you will see the Florence is smiling! The first time that she has been properly smiling without covering her face...a miracle indeed!

God bless