Over the last couple of months at EBC, I have been running a course for men with Stephen Nower. The material we have been using has been called Seven and looks at seven questions that rattle in the minds of most men.

We have looked at questions like "Why am I here?", "What's my story?", "Who can I trust?" and "What about women?"

Stephen and I really didn't know what to expect or how many men would come. We have been delighted by the response. Each week up to 17 or 18 blokes have come along. The material really is very simple. A short video followed by three or four discussion questions and some work to do on our own. The discussions have been a revelation. Sometimes getting men to talk can be a bit like pulling teeth. But in this case the discussion has flowed.

Tonight is the penultimate session and we are going to start the conversation about what happens next.  We may well carry on as a group. Whatever we decide the time we have had together has really helped with some thinking we have been doing recently about how we help people connect with others beyond a service or worship event. I feel that for some gender specific groups will be the way forward. There are just some things we find it easier to talk with in a group with people of the same sex as us. I'm not saying that we should always split up men and women, but it seems to me that there is definately a space within the life of a church for mens groups and womens groups. We will continue to explore these opportunities. Watch this space!

God bless