Back from Sierra Leone 

We arrived back safely from Sierra Leone on Thursday.

The journey back took almost exactly 24 hours. It started when we left Freetown via speedboat at 2pm on Wednesday to travel to the airport which is the other side of a large estuary from the city. Then the flight left Freetown at 7.15pm and went via a two hour stop over in Monrovia, Liberia back to Brussels. We landed at just before 5am local time which is 4am in Sierra Leone and the UK. Then we had a long layover in Brussels before catching a flight back to the UK. We landed at around 11am UK time feeling tired! Then we had to go through health screening at Heathrow - mandatory for all people arriving from Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia due to ebola.

Unfortunately Kat had a slightly raised temperature due to a dodgy tummy. That meant she was detained in health screening for an extra hour or so to make sure that it was just a tummy problem. Fortunately she was released with a clean bill of health and we were able to get out of the airport where Ruth and Sallyann were waiting for us.

We eventually arrived home just after 2pm...a very long and tiring journey!

It was an amazing trip once again. Full of great joy and great sadness. Joy at all the great stuff that is happening like the new school and the work of DST and of course meeting Abs' wife Mabel and son Issac. But great sadness and some of the things we had seen and encountered. I think that we are all resolved to keep at it and to do more.

To see some videos from national TV in Sierra Leone covering some of the events we were here.

God bless