Sierra Leone Day 2 

What a day Friday was! Abs’ wedding celebrations were quite something! We were picked up around 10 in the morning and made our way to Regent Road Baptist Church. There was the usual nose to tail traffic in Freetown but we eventually made it!

The wedding began at 12.00pm (well more like 12.30 by the time we got going!) The bride looked fabulous and the service was great! There were hymns and other musical contributions including one from our very own Paul Kerslake. Steph did the Bible reading and I did a short address. The marriage was conducted by our great friend Pastor Tannie from RRBC.

Then there were loads of photos and we headed off. After a quick lunch we eventually made it back to our hotel about 3.30pm. Then at 7.00pm we were back out for the evening party! What an amazing experience. Although it was supposed to start at 7.30pm we eventually got going about 8.30pm when the bride and groom arrived. There were toasts, response to toasts, blessing of the cake (which Rob did to fits of giggles from all of us), speeches, comedians, musical contributions and food. Then it was on to the music which was unbelievably loud. A great band and a DJ who got the party started! We left about 11.30pm but to be honest it was likely to go on until the morning!

On both Thursday and Friday nights we have been treated to some amazing storms. The routine is that the lightening starts appearing over the hills at the back of Freetown in the early evening and then keeps going all around us but with no rain or thunder. Then later in the night the rain starts and it is quite something. It pours down, then the thunder which is extremely loud…all very spectacular. The mornings are then a bit fresher as the storm has cleared the humidity. But then as the day wears on it gets more overcast and humid and then it all begins again.

Everyone is in good spirits. Today is a quieter day before a full day of church services tomorrow.
God bless

sl blog 4
The marriage ceremony at the church

sl blog 3
At the reception

sl blog 2
The happy couple

sl blog 1
Isaac with best man - Ian