Sierra Leone Day 1 

We are just coming to the end of our first full day in Sierra Leone (Thursday). We travelled all day yesterday, leaving home at 4am and flying from Heathrow to Brussels and then from Brussels to Freetown. The airport was much less chaotic than on previous trips and we were met by a lovely guy called Ishmail who Abs had arranged to help us.

We then transfered by bus to the speedboat terminal and then made our way across the estuary on the boat. It was all fine and when we arrived at the other side Abs and Pastor Tannie were there to meet us. It was so great to see them.

Arriving at the hotel was slightly more chaotic. Our rooms weren't ready so there was sudden flurry of activity, which for us boys meant people actually building our beds which were marched in pieces from one part of the hotel to another! Welcome to Sierra Leone! We had a pretty good nights rest, however one of the planks did fall out of my bed at 5.45 this morning which woke the other two up!

Today we were in Freetown at the Dorothy Springer Trust offices for the graduation ceremony for the latest batch of students who have completed the DST training programme. It was a great event, chaired by the Irish Ambassador who was fantastic. They have given money to sponsor students as have the British Council and the British High Commission. There were loads of students graduating and we heard various speeches including from Abs and Rob Lea.

Then it was back to the hotel by mid afternoon, via the supermarket to pick up some provisions! We have just got back from our evening meal in a restaurant next to the hotel...for most of us it was shrimp and rice! We were sitting outside and could see an amazing lighting show taking place just over the mountains. As I sit writing this the heavens have just opened as the storm has hit us well and truely!

It is great to be back here and we realise why we love it so much even after just a day here. It has also been so great to see all of our friends again who are all in great spirits due to the country being declared ebola free on Saturday.

All the team are doing well and in good form. Tomorrow is Abs's wedding and we will be spending the day celebrating with him and Maybelle. We can't wait.

God bless