Gift Day 2015 

gift day 2015 web imageThis coming Sunday is our gift day for 2015. We are raising money to fund our staff and ministries over the next 2-3 years including the impact of the pension legislation that the Government has recently introduced.

I realise that it may not sound very exciting or inspiring but actually nothing could be further from the truth. It is the money that we spend on staffing and salaries that enables so many of the amazing things around our church to actually happen. We couldn't run all of our Older Persons Work without Simon Lace's leadership, we couldn't be running Messy Church without Kim Perchard working to assist Ruth Porter on the administration of all of our children's work, we wouldn't have publicity, leaflets and powerpoint song slides on a Sunday morning without Fay Philp and Eileen Charlton, no bills would get paid unless Kat Morling was running our finances and we wouldn't have any music without Paul Kerslake's leadership and I could go on and on (apologies if I didn't mention you by name!)

And it is all of that stuff that means we reach out to unchurched people, help those in need, serve the poor around the world and help those who are Christians grow in their faith.

So this money and this gift day are really, really important. I am praying that we raise a minimum of £35,000 which would mean that we can move into 2016 with real confidence that our financial needs will be met. What would be amazing would be if we could raise £70,000 which would set us up for the next 3 years!

So please be praying and please be thinking about what you might do in response, and for more information and all the practical details please see this gift day section of our website.

God bless