Storehouse History 

Originally, the idea for Storehouse was that local people who found themselves in need could come along to open days that we ran at the church twice yearly, and choose what they wanted from a whole load of things that had been donated and stored up for that purpose.

Finding the storage space for so many items for so long, setting out the hall and running the event twice a year was a huge challenge. Sometimes too there was a fair amount of jostling going on at the events and we grew concerned that not everyone turning up to take stuff was genuinely in need of it!

Today, following a relaunch in 2013, Storehouse still takes in good quality furnishings, toys and household items and uses these to help people in a number of ways (as below). Some donors like to specify that their items are for direct donation only - which we are happy to respect.

The advantages of this revised approach to Storehouse is that we are able to minimize the need for storage (because we have items coming and going all the time as opposed to stock-piling it for two big events), we can respond to needs as they arise, and we know exactly where the items and / or funds donated are going to as everything is recorded.