Imagine the church as a ship at sea that has been hit by a storm – we might name it Storm Corona! At first we batten down the hatches, lash things down and respond as best we can as we ride out the storm. Then we make for safe harbour, effect repairs and refit before setting sail again, perhaps with some alterations made!

It’s important that we remember that church is not meant to be like a pleasure cruise vessel – it’s more like a battleship, designed to fight the forces of darkness in the world! So as we ride the storm and prepare to sail again, let’s remind ourselves that we are here for a purpose, that we have a mission to go about, and a vision of the future. Come and join us for our new series, “Battleship” beginning Sunday 2nd August. All aboard!

Sunday 2nd August: Safe to Shore
Sunday 9th August: Fit for Purpose
Sunday 16th August: On a Mission
Sunday 23rd August: Vision & Values