Family Matters 


Whether you are new to EBC, been around for ages or not even sure you’re a Christian, we’d love to have you along to our annual “Family Matters” series. This is a great way to find out about how we “do church” here – and why!

The series runs across 5 weeks, and in the middle there’s a bit of a party to invite anyone and everyone along to!

Here’s the plan…

Sunday 23rd June: “For the Purposes of Love”
We start things of at this All Age service (that means children and young people are in with the adults!) with a look at what our purpose in life is. It’s one of those big question areas in life – What’s it all about? What are we here for? What am I striving for? Is money, fame, power, happiness? Or might there be a bigger purpose that can give us meaning and value? Our Team Leader Simon launches us on an exploration….

Sunday 30th June: “On A Mission from God”
Part Two of our series “Family Matters” continues with another All Age service, in which we explore together what our mission in life is – individually and as a church family. What that mission is drives and explains why we “do church” at EBC the way we do it. Everyone is always welcome – and for a very good reason! Team Leader Simon is excited about this one, while our Ministry Director Philippa is plotting a drama….

Friday 5th through Sunday 7th July: Church weekend - “Your Kingdom Come”
Come and join us for what promises to be a fantastic weekend of food, teaching, worship, food and prayer – lots of it! Oh, we mentioned the food, right? It all culminates on Sunday with our annual “Funday Sunday”! This is basically a big, family party with loads of fun activities for all ages and a free barbecue! It’s one way we as a church can show a bit of love to the community around us. Make sure you invite someone!

Sunday 14th July: “International Rescue”
In this next part of our “Family Matters” series, Simon picks up on a particular, central, strand of our vision for EBC. We’re more than a group of friends, or a “do-gooders” club – and there’s a very, very good reason for that. Brace for launch… and impact…. Thunderbirds are go!

Sunday 21st July: “Planting and Watering”
We wrap up our “Family Matters” series by talking about our approach to the mission we have as a church. Our Minister Steph is excited about this one - there may well be some talk of gardening and funnels… and stuff……. As always there’ll be time for a coffee, chat and snacks afterwards (but no throwing fruit during the sermons please).