Responsible driving 
The series teaches that we are accountable (to God) for our actions and our relationship with Him. We’re in charge of taking stock of that relationship, going in the right direction and doing so positively. People struggle with this physically and spiritually – excuses, other priorities, fear, putting it on others to do it all for them… at bottom it’s not important enough to them or they think it’ll be too painful for them to care enough to do the right things. They feel OK enough today to not bother thinking about how much better (or worse) off they might be in the future.

Physically, we have an ill-health epidemic in the country and the truth is people don’t generally take their own health seriously or take accountability for it. Spiritually too!

Romans 14: 12 –
So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.
If we don’t truly “get” this (issue of being accountable for ourselves) the rest is just theory – of no value to us. But the ramifications are huge. Arguably the biggest issue is the recognition that we are accountable for our lives – that’s the starting point for lasting change rather than a life of excuses. We will be called to make an account so we need to take stock of where we are, where we want to get to, and head positively and faithfully in the right direction.

  • February 3rd  – Whose in charge?
  • February 10th – Positive Driving.
  • February 17th – Direction Determines Destination
  • February 24th –We are where we are