Growing Me Growing You



Our next series is about the basics of faith and growing in faith. The fundamentals that are essential to growing as people and becoming more like Jesus. We use a gardening metaphor.

Our society crowds out God, leaving the landscape of our lives overgrown with things that are worthless. How can we clear the weeds and let the things of goodness and beauty grow?

The topics will be:

October 21st - Prioritise (putting God and His righteousness first)

October 28th - Prepare the ground 

November 4th - Planting and tending 


The series takes place at our Sunday morning services at 10.15 am in our church building on South Hill Road, Bracknell. Our services include songs, prayer and video clips as well as a talk.

Each week we have tea, coffee, cold drinks and biscuits after the service. 

For more information about our Sunday Services or any other event run by Easthampstead Baptist Church, please ring 01344 487744 or look elsewhere on this website.