One of the great things about being part of a church is the sense of community and common purpose it brings.

I just love that people from all walks of life, of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes get to meet, talk and (often as not) eat and drink together. I love that there is a common desire to grow together and explore together as we seek God’s purpose and direction for our lives.
I love the fact that friendships form—that we find maybe a handful of people or even just one or two out of the hundreds coming with whom there is that special soul-to-soul connection which so enriches us.

I love the fact that a church community is part of an unbroken tradition stretching back two thousand years. A tradition that began with Jesus and includes figures across history like Peter and Paul from Jesus’ time through to the great men and women of God in our own times.
I just love the fact that within this vast network of people that spans the world and history, there are little clusters and groups and partnerships that cherish and inspire and encourage one another. I love that the world has been, is and will again be changed for the better by such people.
I love that we get to share together and help together—that we can and do make a difference in our own lives, in the lives of those around us locally and around the world who need us!

I love that we have great stories, indeed they are chapters in God’s own incredible storybook of love and light for the world. Stories from Africa, where a team of people from EBC have recently been. Stories from the Middle East, where a friend of mine is serving as I type this. Stories from Bracknell of homeless people re-homed and provided for, stories of broken hearts healed, broken trust restored, and broken relationships mended.
One of my favourite authors once quoted an old buccaneer saying to his crew: “I have brought you to the treasure-house of the world—blame yourselves if you go away empty-handed.”

Well, I say that the church is the real treasure-house of the world for it contains the greatest treasure of all. I invite you to come and discover all that you could be—discover all that God has for you.

That may include gifts you never knew you had, healing you never knew you needed and friendships you never imagined.
Churchill (Winston, not the dog!) once said he had nothing to offer but “blood, toil, tears and sweat.” It’s been my experience that God has all of those things to offer to those who become part of his mighty church. He offers those things having given them first himself, but he also offers us much, much more. So, you’re invited—blame yourself if you go away empty-handed.




Simon Lace, 09/05/2019