Abs Prayer Requests 

Many of you will know that we support some fantastic work out in Sierra Leone. Our great friend Abs Dumbuya (who is also a member of our church) is living in Freetown (the capital of Sierra Leone) and doing some amazing work there. This last Sunday morning we prayed for him and for the work he is involved with. We used an email he sent us recently with some prayer requests to guide our prayers. I thought that you might like to see the prayer requests in full that Abs sent through so they are below. Please be praying for him and for all that is happening through him in Sierra Leone.


1) Praise God for the provision for DST (Dorothy Springer Trust)  from project wins with the British High Commission to establish the employment bureau to DST being recognised nationally as a strong charitable organisation advocating and supporting people with disabilities in Sierra Leone. DST is also part of a consortium of NGOs which has just one a World Bank Project on Inclusive Education Policy Development for the government's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

2) Pray that DST will be successful with an Irish Aid bid to profile successful disabled people in Sierra Leone so they will serve as role models to help change attitudes towards people with disability. The concept note I did has been accepted and I have now provided a full proposal and awaiting a final response.

3) Thank God for supporters like Ian and Heather at the Freetown Cheshire Home who are helping me to change the Freetown Cheshire into a place conducive for living for people with disabilities but also a place with transparent systems and procedures and for the opportunity to challenge the current staff to be professional. We have had to sack and hire new staff - we pray they will now perform and see that this is all a sacrifice for people who are maginalised in this country. Pray for government to support us with subvention / government subsidies to run the home - none was available for the whole of last year and we have had to rely on donations and support from people including EBC and others. We have to take care of 18 children and we need prayers for financial resilience, quality education promotion, etc.

4) Thank God for the completed projects at EBC Tombo - the School and Church. Praying for provision to start the construction of a parsonage for the Church. Although this is done small, small, that we can get support to find a nice accommodation for the resident pastor in Tombo

5) Personally for the strength to embark on all these projects as a way of making a difference to the lives of people with disabilities.

6) Special prayers for my wife Mabel who is taking her entry exams to nursing this Saturday. For Isaac as he grows into a baby and a young boy - we thank God for his growth and even as he become more troublesome, we love him and great to see him so lovely. For protection from his regular chest infection (cold) and coughing) 

7) Praying for my future plans with my family - for God to direct my vision and mission in life and our every decision.

Thank you so much and God bless