Ebola and Sierra Leone 

Hi everyone

As you will have seen from my last blog the money that we sent out to Sierra Leone that you all so generously gave to our emergency appeal, has already made a big difference and the programmes are well underway.

Through our partners in Sierra Leone the money is being used to purchase hand sanitising equipment including buckets with taps, chlorine and wipes. It is also being used to buy some emergency food provisions for some of the very poorest areas and poorest people ahead of the government mandated lock down which is happening later this week when people have to stay at home for 3 days.

Abs and the teams from Regent Road Baptist Church are visiting remote areas to deliver the equipment and at the same time as delivering it are running education sessions helping people understand more about the virus and how to prevent the spread and stop themselves from catching it. This is really crucial work and is often happening in remote areas where no one has visited to inform people of what is going on.

Thank you again for giving...below are some photos of the equipment being delivered. If you would like to give more or give for the first time, click here to find out how...every single penny that has been given to this appeal is being used directly in Sierra Leone by Abs and our partners to prevent the spread of ebola.


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Chris Porter, 15/09/2014